Lunar New Year 2024 is the most important day in the Lunar Calendar In Australia it is like thanks giving sharing Asian food, culture and performing arts. It ushers in a new generation of performing talents and special acts.

Let's celebrate year of Dragon, 2024!

Year of the Dragon bring RECORD MORE celebration across Melbourne and Victoria. The west side of Melbouren see a new CNY celebration close the sea.

17th Feb, 2024. The seaside Suburb of Seabrook welcome you to its first New Year Celebration. I will be the MC for the event bring you a whole new experience.

Chinese New Year Performance


Now, you can book a Chinese New Year Performance to your event. Whether it is a local community festival, a function or event a CNY party, we can bring it to you. We have numerous Chinese New Year acts in your local city. These include dragon dance, lion dance, Chinese Traditional Music, Chinese Belly Dances, China Pop Music and Pop Singing.

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