Lantern parade 2024

Join us for an enchanting evening of cultural wonder at the Chatswood Year of the Dragon lantern parade, where the streets of Chatswood come alive with the glow of hundreds of lanterns from handheld to large displays. There will be vibrant dancers and harmonious melodies of traditional Chinese music by marching bands and performers. This celebration, set against the backdrop of our diverse local neighbourhood, promises to be a spectacle of light, color, and community spirit. 

Marvel at the beauty of traditional costumes from our multicultural groups, bringing to life the rich heritage and history through captivating dances and cultural presentations. The fusion of modern and traditional elements promises an unforgettable experience for all.

So come early, find a spot on Victoria Avenue and experience the warmth of our local community, where neighbours gather to share stories, laughter, and a sense of togetherness. Enjoy local delicacies from the Celebration Day stalls and engage in cultural exchanges from our service stalls. Celebrate the diversity that makes Chatswood a truly unique place.

In the days leading up to the parade, the community is invited to come together to create a stunning array of lanterns at Council workshops. Join us in celebrating the creativity and craftsmanship of our neighbours as they showcase their handcrafted lanterns, each telling a unique story.

Date: Saturday 03 February 2024

Time: 06:30pm -07:30pm

Location: Chatswood, Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, 2067